Did Buying A Cold Press Juicer Worth or not

Juices are among the healthiest of snacks for anytime and come with high nutritional advantages. They can be a mixture of one fruit or vegetable or a cocktail of multiple fruits or veggies. This flexibility opens the door for many different flavor combinations and let’s people with different preferences experience tasty and healthy alternatives to other snacks. Years ago juicers were completely manual and it took very long and also required getting physical in fact many would argue that it was not worth the time but now we are equipped with juicers that do our work for us and a glass of juice is now available in only a fraction of the time it originally took.

Typical juicers

So what exactly does a juicer do and why should one consider getting a cold press juicer anyway. Back in the old days juicing manually was the norm for there were no other alternatives. Then juicers were invented and people immediately stopped juicing manually to save time and energy. History has simply repeated itself and now a more advanced product has arrived to replace the average juicer. These new products are simply much more efficient in design and not using them feels like a waste of resources. Most average juicers do not work with small greens and sensitive plants like mint, don’t necessarily produce the healthiest drinks and on top of that make a lot of noise and waste energy. They produce excess heat which destroys nutrient bonds which is ironic given that we drink juices for this nutritious value.

A new idea

Now that normal juicers have been discussed, we’ll now move onto a new product that is making ripples at the market. Cold Press Juicers are an innovative evolution of their predecessors. They improve over the existing problem faced by average juicers without an overhaul of the core design or its purpose. Also known as the masticating juicer, it works by squishing the fruit against a surface with the help of a press that drives down from the top. Cold press juicer buying guide 2019 is the best place to order any brand and type of cold pressed juicer.

The energy dissipation through this is significantly less and hence allows more bonds to stay together which gives you more nutrients. They also use more of a single fruit meaning that they use the fruit to its max capabilities before the pulp is ejected out. This ends up saving money on the amount of fruits you have to buy and having a little more money is never bad.

The initial price tag for a cold press juicer may seem steep at first but it is evident that the cold press juicer is more advantageous to own and it would be cheaper in the long run.

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